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AES Clinical Services

The primary focus of AES clinical services is to engage and promote the overall well-being of individuals and create lasting, positive change. Our technology-based programs are designed to motivate, inspire and give hope, whether the issue is substance abuse, mental health, criminal justice or domestic violence.

Since its inception, AES has helped thousands of people get back their lives or create new ones of their choosing. We provide treatment services for:

  • • Substance abuse
  • • Mental health
  • • Domestic violence
  • • Impulse control
  • • Disruptive behavior

  • • Antisocial behaviors
  • • DUI's
  • • Decision making/problem-solving difficulties
  • • Life skills deficits
  • • Comunnity reintegration

AES clinical services are designed to reduce the risk of relapse, re-offense, and promote self awareness. We use the latest evidenced-based programs and practices to treat each individual and his or her needs specifically. Whether self-referred, Human Resources Recommended, or sent to us from the criminal justice system, we believe all individuals can change for the better and deserve respect, dignity and an opportunity to receive the help they need.

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