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“Dan, you have made a huge difference in my life. I’m actually going to miss these classes.” - Katie S.
“Your classes and your personality are the only thing throughout this whole nightmare that has made any difference at all.” - J.L. B.
“Talking to you has literally changed my life and the way I look at alcohol. Thank you.” - Karissa C.
“You've helped me do that with your classes.  Believe it or not you have made a difference in my negative thinking towards all of this and thankful I got you for my counselor.  I do take to heart the things you have to say and it has made a difference for me.” - Jeremy L.
“THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! This class is very different than any AA class I have ever attended and I am enjoying it.“ - Jared E.
”I also truly appreciate how you deliver the information in our sessions to help us realize that we are not failures and that we can turn this around and see it as a positive. For that, I thank you.” - Tabitha L.
“Dan, Thank you so much. It feels good to know that there are people that actually care about people outside of the work that they do. I can tell its genuine. If you have never thought about motivational speaking, you should. There is power and conviction when you speak. Thank you for your time good sir!” - Brandon C.
“Thank you for helping me understand my drinking and recognizing how it affects my decisions – most of all, thank you for not making me feel so shameful.” - Channing C.