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Employee Assistance Program Help your team be the best they can


Make the AES telemedicine approach an effective timesaving tools to help your team get back on track. An evidence based HIPAA compliant educational portal is available 24/7 to help and support positive behaviors choices.


Our team of licensed professionals will make sure that your individual treatment plan fits your needs and availability. We listen and care to help you discover prior traumas and habits.


Help is available at anytime with our HIPAA compliant Portal system. At home, in your office or cubicle. Anywhere you feel safe and want to talk to a counselor.  Your help is there for you. Through our knowledge and proven programs and services, we can help your employees gain momentum to navigate through life’s personal and work-related challenges so they can be at their best when at work.

AES Services for Employees

  • Stress reeducation through
  • Meditation
  • Bio feed back
  • Positive habit creation
  • Boundary creation and enforcement
  • Substance abuse and Education
  • Anger management alternative communication behaviors
  • Family counseling and support
  • Individual and Group sessions available

The benefits

Through AES’s Employee Assistance Program, you are able to be there for you’re the needs of your employees when they need them most.

Private help and support when they need it most. On the devices they use every day

  • Wellness through self teaching  at your pace when you have time
  • Bio feedback through monitoring devices to help you find your inner peace
  • Meditations Including VR

Executive Classes

With tools like PBT Portable Breath Testing device, Interlocks, real time BAC monitoring VR, and other Lean Your Limit activities to make learning about alcohol, drugs and positive choices a part of your new life.