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Substance abuse disorders are fairly common among adolescents in the US communities (see stats below…Link). Of our youthful population that experience substance abuse issues, about half (50%) will also experience behavioral health issues.  Adolescents that use substances are also more likely to develop behavioral health issues such as depression, anxiety, and psychotic disorders. Substance abuse puts adolescents at risk for a host of other issues during their youth, including: physical injuries, sexual risk taking, aggression, legal problems, being a victim of crime, educational problems, suicide or self-injury, and social and family problems.

Early intervention for substance abuse issues is important for preventing issues later on in life.  Adolescents who reported that they began drinking before age 15 were almost four times more likely to be diagnosed with alcohol dependence at some point in their lives. What are the benefits of referring a child to AES for substance abuse education and treatment? AES is a licensed behavioral health organization that has served youth and families since 2014. Behavioral health issues are common among youth with substance abuse issues.  AES gives youth the best chance for overall recovery and success by treating behavioral health issues alongside substance abuse issues.  AES has a huge team of educated professionals who work directly with youth and families to provide an individualized course of treatment to meet each child’s specific needs.

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Prevention and Education
Prevention and education are offered to youth who are at risk for developing substance abuse issues through family history or social exposure to substance use. The key areas of focus in the prevention and education component include: anger, self-esteem, trust, positive/assertive communication, and family dynamics/history.

Youth in the prevention and education component go through an assessment so that a licensed addictions counselor can recommend an effective and appropriate course of treatment. If youth have already participated in a treatment program, new approaches are considered to help a youth make lasting lifelong changes.
Intensive Outpatient Services
AES' Intensive Outpatient Program is often the next step after an individual completes an inpatient or other intensive treatment program. IOP can also be a primary mode of treatment recommended and utilized as a result of a clinical or medical assessment.
Outpatient Program
AES outpatient programs are tailored to your needs.
AES outpatient program’s key areas of focus include education about addiction as a disease and behavioral health issues. Our outpatient program helps youth develop healthy coping skills and explore new interests and hobbies which will support them in a drug and alcohol free life.
Aftercare can begin immediately after our outpatient programs are completed.

Our aftercare program has the following key areas of focus: developing a healthy support system, exploring new interests and hobbies, and strategies for living a sober lifestyle. Youth in our aftercare program are exposed to a variety of different recovery programs to help them find the best one to support them in their recovery.

Once aftercare is complete, AES provides follow up assistance to help support the unique needs of each youth’s recovery. This gives youth someone who holds them accountable and provides support throughout the stages of recovery.

How do I refer a child and get them enrolled for support and treatment?

There are several options for referring a child for substance abuse services.  The first option is for a caregiver or referring agency to use the contact us option on our website to be linked to one of our professionals.  The second option is to call our hotline (480) 809-6230 and one of our CSR’s will direct you to the team that can help.