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Our Services

Clinical Services

The primary focus of AES clinical services is to engage and promote the overall well-being of individuals and create lasting, positive change.
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Court Services

AES provides a safe and confidential environment to complete court- or motor vehicle- mandated DUI treatment.
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Case Management

AES patented Behavioral health Case Management system provides a secure evidenced based portal with all of the monitoring results, education and treatment goals to manage the progress of the individual.
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The primary goal of the AES Diversion Program is to provide education and treatment specific to the court requirements to ensure successful completion of the program and the benefit of the court diversion offer.
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AES Aftercare Services help individuals and families maintain long-term drug and alcohol recovery following residential treatment or intensive outpatient treatment.
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Self Assessment

Why AES?

Online Services
Our company is designed with “today’s” client in mid. Proper education and treatment that respects and recognizes the individual’s privacy in a manner that works around THEIR schedule. Whether you decide to visit in-person or online, in the privacy of your own home, we offer the best service in the area.
Court/MVD Approved
AES is a Court and MVD approved facility with Licensed professional at your fingertips
Don't be tied to a class schedule. Do your screening and all of your education when and where you want. All you need is a computer, iPad or other device that allows you to video-conference and we’ll do the rest.
AES offers competitive pricing and discounts (including free screening) based on the individual’s needs…..CALL NOW to find out more! 480.809.6230
Mobile Support
Our Native application for iOS and Droid is in development….stay tuned!


Thank you for helping me understand my drinking and recognizing how it affects my decisions – most of all, thank you for not making me feel so shameful. - Channing C.
You've helped me do that with your classes. Believe it or not you have made a difference in my negative thinking towards all of this and thankful I got you for my counselor. I do take to heart the things you have to say and it has made a difference for me. - Jeremy L.
I also truly appreciate how you deliver the information in our sessions to help us realize that we are not failures and that we can turn this around and see it as a positive. For that, I thank you. - Tabitha L.