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Channing C.
Marketing Manager

Thank you for helping me understand my drinking and recognizing how it affects my decisions – most of all, thank you for not making me feel so shameful.

Scottsdale City Court

Dan, I just wanted to reach out and give you the feedback that I got on Monday from your client Chris R. He told me that the class has changed his outlook and how he handles areas of conflict in everyday life. He also told me that you were an
“amazing” instructor. I appreciate your efforts.

Jeremy L.

Believe it or not you have made a difference in my negative thinking towards all of this and thankful I got you for my counselor. I do take to heart the things you have to say and it has made a difference for me.

Bob C.

Dan, on your busiest day you are still 10X more responsive than anyone else in town.


AES provides a safe and confidential environment to complete court- or motor vehicle- mandated DUI treatment. Services are convenient (online- face to face), affordable, client-centered and utilize the latest evidenced-based curriculum.

DUI Screening/Assessment
The screening is a preliminary interview and assessment of a client to determine whether education or treatment is required. The process includes administration, scoring and interpretation of the SASSI, MAST or other approved diagnostic test.
DUI Level I Treatment
The AES treatment approach focuses on stress management, coping skills, triggers that lead to alcohol use, alternatives to using, responsibility for actions, self-esteem, peer pressure and the negative impact drinking has on relationships. With a minimum of 20 hours of treatment, Level I meets the rules and regulations set by the State of Arizona and Department of Motor Vehicles for DUI substance abuse treatment.
DUI Level II Education
Level II is a 16-hour education program that covers DUI laws and regulations, consequences, decision-making and general education regarding alcohol and other drugs.
DUI Revocation Evaluation
For this evaluation, individuals must be able to complete the ADOT MVD Revocation Packet. This is an in depth program as outlined in the ADOT form. Click on this icon to access the Packet.
Juvenile DUI
AES offers DUI assessments, Level I group counseling and Level II education for clients under 18.

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  • Online Services
  • Court/MVD Approved
  • Quick/Easy
  • Affordable
  • Major Insurance Accepted
  • Mobile Support


Alcohol Screening


Drug Screening




We stay with you after the classes are over 

Our recovery system keep your tools and support with you 24 7 even after your classes are over we are still there updating you with current help and information


  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health
  • Domestic violence
  • Decision-making & problem-solving difficulties
  • Life skills deficits
  • Disruptive & Antisocial behaviors
  • Impulse control
  • Theft Diversion

How do I refer a child and get them enrolled for support and treatment?

There are several options for referring a child for substance abuse services.  The first option is for a caregiver or referring agency to use the contact us option on our website to be linked to one of our professionals. The second option is to call us immediately at 480-809-6230 to connect with one of our professionals.